Raised Ink Cards

Raised ink (thermography) 

Raised Ink technology, commonly referred to in the printing world as "Thermography" is a cost effective alternative to embossing. Business cards printed with thermography offer an eye-catching, tactile finish and glossy text. Almost as if the ink on the business card hasn't yet dried.

Feel the difference!

With a raised ink business card, your customers will take additional time admiring your card. These cards make a lasting impression.


Add an element of sensation to your business

If you have been running around in circles in search for something that can add an element of sensation in your business, then you are just at the right place. These raised foil cards can work wonders to boost your business presence. Select from either gold or silver foil options to create a powerful impact with your business cards and let others know about how sensational your business could be.

Printing Options

You can choose to order your raised cards with:

  • Front Side Raised and Back Side Blank
  • Front Side Raised and Back Side Flat (not raised)
  • Front Side Raised and Back Side Raised (Qty required 2 sets of 1000 or 1 set of 2000)

It takes us 8-10 business days to get the entire work done. There are Rush Order Options available. The cards can be picked up at our production facility or they be delivered right at your doorstep.

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