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Durable and high-quality business card magnets at affordable costs.

Business card magnets are your low-cost marketing material with high visibility. They get seen almost every day. With us, you can design your business card magnets with all your necessary information. Use our online design tool to personalize your Magnetic Business Cards design.

1.Full-color magnet designing and printing

2.Personalize the designs of business card magnets

4.Online proof-reading and design preview

5.Online order and payment system

6.Doorstep delivery through quick checkout


Get your business name to stick for long in people’s mind

Custom magnet cards are unique, attractive and the perfect marketing merchandise that a business needs. This is the reason that they are considered as an all-time favorite for all kinds of businesses. At Online Printing NYC we are here to create the most amazing and aesthetically pleasing custom business cards that will help your business up the ante in the marketing game. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about these custom magnet cards for your business:

Pop your brand’s name up

It takes quite a lot of effort to make your brand name stand out in the crowd. But with effective marketing, you can achieve the target with ease. Custom magnet card is one such effective technique that can help your business carve a niche in the market without you having to break a sweat. Get these custom magnet cards crafted by the experts and use them to market your products. And, make your brand name pop up even in the immense competition out there in the industry.

High visibility, low cost

One of the greatest things about these magnet cards is that they are quite affordable. And, the high visibility they bring for the business makes them one of the most cost-effective marketing decisions you can ever make. With Online Printing NYC, you can get these magnet cards made at affordable prices. So, you can be sure to get great returns on investment, which makes getting these magnet cards for your business a smart move.

Personalized designs to create an instant impact

The first impression must create an impact on the heart and mind of your audience. This is the reason that you need to invest in marketing tactics that can create that impact and get your business the returns it deserves. Custom magnet cards are just the accessory that can help you achieve that. At Online Printing NYC you get the option to fully customize the design, pick the colors and patterns before getting the magnet created. From shape and design to font, text size and proof-reading of the content, until everything is according to your satisfaction we don’t move a step ahead!

Doorstep delivery in quick time

To make sure that you have to face minimum stress during the entire process, we make it a point to get the magnets delivered right at your doorstep in the minimum possible time. We take orders for a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 1000 – no matter what the amount is we will get it shipped quickly so that the final product reaches you in the minimum possible time frame.

So, if you thought shipping was ever going to be a problem you must forget about it!

Just in case you have anything to say about our services, products or anything else, or you want to visit us for a more personal interaction, you can always come to 250 W. 40th Street (6th Floor) New York, NY 10018. And, we will be more than happy to welcome you at our doorstep. 

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